I am a research scientist at Google DeepMind focusing on efficient machine learning via decomposition and modularity as well the different dimensions of learning to transfer information, including but not restricted to sim2real, domain adaptation and extraction of knowledge from demonstration.

Most recently, I have been a postdoctoral research scientist at the Oxford Robotics Institute as well as a member of Oxford University’s New College. In 2017, I was a visiting scholar with the UC Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research lab.

The principal focus of my PhD research was the development of approaches for increasing the efficiency of processes for providing supervision to guide autonomous systems with particular emphasis on transfer learning and learning from demonstration, work which was awarded as Best Student Paper at IROS16.

Furthermore in early 2016, I was fortunate to lead ORIs path planning software development for the presentation of a self driving prototype at the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM). This work has paved the way for to the introduction of a new autonomous challenge category at the SEM scheduled for 2018.

Being in the field of robotics since 2010, I have been previously part of research efforts on space exploration robots, GPU-based simulations and robotic platforms for first responders as well as mobile autonomy at leading research institutions including MIT, ETHZ and the University of Oxford.